When the American hostages return to the United States, a third of them will be rejoining families who live in the Washington area.

They are:

Thomas L. Ahern Jr., 48, political officer and narcotics coordinator for the embassy, whose wife and teen-age daughter live in McLean;

C. Corlandt Barnes, 35, whose family declined to comment on his government job and whose widowed mother lived in Fairfax County;

Alan Golacinski, 29, embassy security officer, whose mother lives in Silver Spring;

Bruce German, 43, State Department budget officer, whose wife and three children live in Silver Spring;

John Graves, 53, foreign service public affairs officer, whose wife and six children live in Reston;

Joseph Hall, 31, an Army warrant officer, whose wife lives in Silver Spring;

Leland Holland, 52, an Army colonel who was chief of security at the embassy, whose wife and five children live in Fairfax;

Michael Howland, 34, from Alexandria;

Malcolm Kalp, no age or job information available, from Fairfax;

Moorehead C. Kennedy Jr., 49m State Department economic adviser, whose wife and four sons live in Washington;

Kathryn L. Koob, 42, International Communicatons Agency officer, whose sister lives in Burke;

Bruce Laingen, 57, embassy charge d'affaires and highest ranking U.S. diplomat in Iran at time of the embassy takeover, whose wife and three sons live in Bethesda;

Gary Lee, 37, administrative officer at the embassy, whose wife and 11-year-old daughter live in Fairfax County;

John W. Limbert, 37, State Department political officer who grew up in the District, who has parents and sisters in the area;

Michael Moeller, 29, Marine staff sergeant, whose wife lives at the Quantico Marine Base;

David Roeder, 40, Air Force lieutenant colonel, whose wife and two children live in Fairfax County;

Elizabeth Ann Swift, 39, second-ranking political officer at the embassy, who lives in Washington;

Victor Tomseth, 39, chief political officer at the embassy, whose wife and two children, recently moved to McLean;

Phillip R. Ward, 40, telecommunications technician, whose wife and son live in Culpeper.