Mayor Marion Barry has announced the District government will provide a $78,000 grant to assist a program started by public housing residents to help youths who live in public housing get into and make it through college.

The grant to the College Here We Come program comes from the city's annual Community Development Block Grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Under the one-year grant, approximately 200 youths who live in public housing will be assisted in making career choices through an assessment of their interests and abilities and by providing them with career information. Those who elect to go to college will receive assistance in applying and seeking scholarships and part-time jobs and will receive support services to help them make the transition to campus life and to stay in college.

Mayor Barry, who was joined in making the grant announcement by D.C. Housing and Community Development Director Robert Moore and the project's founder, Kimi Gray, said the program is an element of a new approach includes a major program to rehabilitate public housing properties during the next several years and a recently announced series of grants to support the activities of strengthened and expanded resident councils.