The wife of Texas political figure Price Daniel Jr. tearfully attended his funeral and then returned to the hospital where she has avoided investigators who are convinced she fired the rifle shot that killed her husband.

Vickie Daniel, 33, sat in the back of the First United Methodist Church during the service, away from the front pews where former Texas governor Price Daniel Sr. and his family were seated.

She did not attend the burial in the Daniel family plot on land where she and her husband had a house near other family homes. She returned instead to Kersting Hospital, where she was admitted Monday night in a state of hysteria after the killing at the couple's home.

Liberty County Sheriff Buck Eckols said he tried to question Mrs. Daniel at the hospital before the funeral but was turned away by her attorney.

Eckols and District Attorney Carroll Wilborn Jr. said they are sure Mrs. Daniel fired the shot from a .22-caliber rifle that killed Daniel, 39.

She had not been arrested or charged late Wednesday because they had not determined whether the shot was fired as a homicide, an accident or in self-defense. Mrs. Daniel apparently was the only witness to the shooting and she has refused to talk to authorities.