A bill that would permit strikes by some Montgomery County school employes was killed with a 4-to-3 vote by the Montgomery County Senate delegation Monday.

For the third year in a row, local delegates voted for a measure to remove the strike prohibition for the county's 5,500 school support service employes, and the senators voted against the bill.

Local bills must be given favorable reports by local delegates and senators before they can be introduced to the legislature. Those bills with favorable reports from both groups normally are passed as a courtesy by the entire General Assembly.

The Montgomery County Board of Education opposed the strike bill because existing statewide laws forbid strikes by public employes and no other school employes in the state have that right.

The Montgomery County Council of Support Service Employes said the supporting service employes, who include secretaries, maintenance and food service workers, teacher aides and library assistants, need the right to strike because negotiations result too frequently in impasse and mediation.

Local bills that have received favorable reports by both the delegates and the senators include:

No. 208-81 -- A bill that requires public hearings before raw sewage trenching sites are selected in Montgomery County.

No. 225-81 -- A bill to provide an additional judge in circuit court in Montgomery County.

No. 229-81 -- A bill to permit Montgomery County to enact laws to restrict the manner and grounds for eviction of a tenant.

No. 242-81 -- A bill to authorize a state debt of $146,000 to assist in constructing and equipping a gymnasium for the Montgomery County Detention Center and to require Montgomery County to match that sum.