General Assembly leaders, claiming it may not be "humanly possible" to finish all legislative work by the Feb. 21 adjournment date, said the 1981 session may have to be extened.

Senate Major Leader Hunter Andrews (D-Hampton) and House Speaker A.L. Philpott (D-Bassett) agreed early this month to keep the session, which began Jan. 14, to 39 days.

"The closing date is not etched in concrete," said House Majority Leader Thomas Moss Jr. (D-Norfolk), suggesting a backlog of legislation may force an extension.

Some 300 bills were carried over the 1980 session, and legislators have filed, 1,618 measures this year.

"We're trying to stick to the tight schedule we set before the session," said Philpott. "But I'm not sure it's humannly possible to do so."

Unlike the 1980 session, this year's General Assembly plunged into a hectic schedule of committee meetings and caucuses.

"We have asked the division of legislative serves to give us a rundon on committees," said Sen. Willard J. Moody (D-Portsmouth), chairman of the Rules Committee. "We want to see what progress we are making. If we continue at the rate we're going, we're not going to finish (on time)."