Following is a list of legislation that is of interest to women and has been introduced in the Maryland General Assembly. Proposed bills would:

Allow the state to take criminal and civil action for nonsupport of a spouse. A criminal conviction could put a spouse in jail, a civil conviction could not (S.B. 61).

Expand the state cancer-screening program to include identification screening, diagnosis, care and treatment of persons who have been exposed to DES, a cancer-linked drug given from 1940 to 1970 to pregnant women prone to miscarry (H.B. 180).

Expand the legal definition of "neglected child" to include a child who is in danger of significant physical or mental harm (S.B. 92).

Exempt purchase for and sales by parent-teachers associations from retail sales tax (H.B. 115).

Allow a husband and wife who have started divorce proceedings to be considered unmarried for tax purposes (S.B. 137).

Provide immunity from civil liability or criminal prosecution for any persons who in good faith report child neglect; earlier legislation provided immunity for persons required to report child neglect (S.B. 93).

Allow students, with or without parental approval, to seek information from school officials about veneral disease, contraception, drug abuse or alcoholism (H.B. 223).

Allow the state to automatically attach a person's wages in cases of nonpayment of child support brought by the Bureau of Support Enforcement (S.B. 99).

To get copies of the bills call the Maryland General Assembly Legislative Reference at 841-3810 or (toll free) 1-800-492-7122. Be sure to cite the number of the bill.