A 26-year old Supreme Court employe was shot and killed early yesterday during a holdup on Capitol Hill that occurred across the street from the home of a City Council member.

William Walker, who worked in the library of the court, was shot about 12:05 a.m. a few yards from his home at 115 5th St. NE.

Walker and his wife were standing in front of 117 5th Street when they were approached by two men, one armed with a gun, who ordered the couple to "give it up," police said.

Mrs. Walker handed over her purse. Police said Walker was attempting to hand over his wallet when the gunman opened fire.

Neighbors said they heard two gunshots, followed by Mrs. Walker's cry: "Oh my God, he's been shot." The robbers fled immediately.

One of those who came to the scene after the shooting was City Council Member Betty Ann Kane (D-at large), who lives at 118 5th St.

She said police arrived quickly, and worked feverishly in an attempt to resuscitate Walker. Neighbors brought blankets to keep him warm and try to stanch the bleeding, she said.

Walker, who police said was shot once in the chest, was taken to Capitol Hill Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:46 a.m.

Walker had moved to the neighborhood, only a few blocks from the court, within the past few months, neighbors said. His wife had been studying at Indiana University, they said, and had just arrived here Saturday to join him.

It was not clear why the fatal shot was fired, but one neighbor said she heard Mrs. Walker say afterward: "If only he had given them his wallet."

Kane said she intends to press for legislation stiffening penalties on crimes committed with handguns. She said a woman was robbed at knifepoint in the neighborhood nine days ago. "One robbery was with a knife and one was with a gun," she said. "One victim is alive and the other isn't." a