Each week during Black History Month The District Weekly will publish a recommended reading list. The following books were suggested by local libraries, museums and schools.

On the junior high through adult reading level:

"Adam By Adam," by Adam Clayton Powell. Dial, 1971.

"The African Background Outlined, Or, Handbook for the Study of the Negro," by Carter G. Woodson, Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, 1936.

"Barbara Jordan," by James Haskins. Dial 1977.

"Before the Mayflower," by Lerone Bennett Jr. Penguin Books, 1961.

"Black Folk Then and Now: An Essay in the History and Sociology of the Negro Race," by W.E.B.Du Bois. Holt, 1939.

"Daddy King," by the Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. William Munroy and Co., 1980.

"Drylongso," by John Langston Gwaltney. Random House, 1980.

"From Slavery to Freedom," by John Hope Franklin. Alfred A. Kropf Inc., 1967.

"Jubilee," by Margaret Walker. Houghton Miffin, 1966.

"The Negro in the United States," by Edward Franklin Frazier. Macmillan, 1957.

"They Came Before Columbus," by Iban Van Sertima. Random House, 1976.

"Up From Slavery," by Booker T. Washington. Bantam, 1963 (reprint of the 1901 original).

On the elementary and intermediate and above level:

"Frederick Douglass, Slave, Fighter, Freeman," by Arna Bontemps. Knopf, 1959.

"James Weldon Johnson," by Ophelia Egypt. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1974.