The D.C. school board is expanding its search for a permanent superintendent beyond the Washington area in spite of an earlier announced intention to concentrate on hiring a local candidate familiar with city schools.

Two board members, R. Calvin Lockridge (Ward 8) and Linda Cropp (Ward 4), said yesterday they did not think Acting Superintendent James T. Guines, who took the position with the understanding he would step down July 1 unless the board drafted him for the job, is a serious contender at this point.

Lockridge, who last month said he thought there were excellent candidates for the job working in the school system, yesterday said he thought Guines had not yet measured up to the expectations he and some other board members had for him.

Noting that the board felt Guines was "the best personality" to lead the system after Vincent E. Reed abruptly resigned in December, Lockridge now says, "If the person you thought was the best personalilty doesn't quite measure up, what does that say of the other people (in the system) . . . you're caught in a bind where you draft this personality regardless, or you go with a person not presently employed by the system."

Previously Lockridge and other board members had mentioned the names of associate superintendents Reuben G. Pierce and Andrew Jenkins and assistant superintendents Gary Freemanand Margaret Labat as possible candidates.

Cropp said she believes Reed's successor must be someone who will continue with his back-to-basics approach to education and his program to set standards for promotions at every grade level.

Someone with a "running knowledge" of the D.C. schools would have an advantage, she said, but she added she would not be opposed to hiring someone from outside the system, such as Floretta McKenzie, a U.S. Department of Education official who served as acting superintendent of the D.C. schools in the early 1970s. McKenzie's name has been mentioned by other board members and some of her supporters have recently called on various members in her behalf.

Lockridge said the names of John Sawyer, elementary school superintendent of a school district in Harvey, Ill.; Jerome Jones, superintendent of schools in Providence, R.I.; John Minor, director of the Teacher Corp. and a former D.C. schoolteacher, and Dr. Thomas Minter, deputy chancellor of the New York public schools have ben recommended to the board recently.

Although Guines has said he does not want the job, he has said he would be open to a board draft. His schedule has been filled with public speeches and television and radio appearances lately, and he has memtioned in these speeches that he is often in his office as early as 5:30 a.m. "I think he wants the job very badly or else why would he be working so hard," said one school official who asked not to be named.

Members of the search committee include board members Kinlow, Bettie G. Benjamin (Ward 5), Nathaniel Bush (Ward 7), Carol Schwartz (Ward 3) and Barbara Lett Simmons (At-large). The citizen members are Geraldine Boykin, D.C. Council 20; Shirley Brown, Council of School officers; William Brown, D.C. Congress of Parent-Teacher Associations; Sam Frumkin, Student Advisory Council; Ginny Johnson, D.C. Citizens for Better Public Education; Williams Simmons Washington Teachers Union; Minnie Woodson, D.C. Federation of Civic Associations; Stephen Danzansky, a Washington attorney; Earnest Gibson, a Washington pastor, and Majorie Parker, trustee of the University of the District of Columbia.