The new members of Congress from Northern Virginia, Republican Frank R. Wolf, of the 10th District, and Republican Stanford Parris, of the 8th District, have moved into their Capitol Hill offices and have opened offices in their respective districts.

Below are the locations of their Washington and Northern Virginia offices and the names of their congressional assistants. Frank Wolf:

Capitol Hill office: Room 414, Cannon House Office Building. Phone 225-5136.

Northern Virginia offices: Wolf has two district offices, one in Tysons Corner, the other in Leesburg.

Tysons Corner: Suite 115, 1651 Old Meadow Rd., Tysons Corner, 22102, Phone 734-1500.

Loudoun County: Office 4B, 19 El Market St., Sterling-Harrison Building. Leesburg. Phone (703) 777-4422.

Unlelss otherwise noted, the members of Wolf's staff named below work in his Capitol Hill office:

Administrative Assistant Thomas G. Morr;

Senior Legislative Assistant Susan E. Johnson;

Senior Legislative Assistant Susan E. Johnson;

Legislative Assistant Leslie Ludwick;

Legislative Assistant George T. Webb;

Constituent Services Coordinator Patricia A. Bennett (Tysons Corner);

Constituent Services: Robert A. Clark (Tysons Corner);

Constituent Servies: Thomas M. Fulher Jr. (Tysons Corner);

Constituent Services: Suzanne E. Grimsley (Tysons Corner);

Constituent Services: Judy McCary (Tysons Corner);

Constituent Services: Linda M. Rollins (Loudoun County);

Public Affairs Assistant Stephanie C. Bolick;

Communications Systems Coordinator Sewell K. Hoff;

Executive Secretary Patricia V. Russell;

Seretary Debbie Blinn;

Receptionist/Secretary Debra M. Cossette. Stanford Parris:

Captiol Hill office: Room 428, Cannon House Office Building. Phone 225-4376.

Parris has a district office in Springfield and a mobile office that will visit shopping centers in Alexandria and Prince William County on a regular basis.

Springfield office: Suite 116, 6701 Loisdale Road, Springfield, 22150. Phone 922-7640.

Following are the names of several members of Parris' staff, as supplied by his office:

Legislative Assistant Jack McGrath;

Senior Caseworker Valerie McCormick (Springfield);

District Office Manager Rosemary Foreman (Springfield);

Office Manager Sheryl Bonifer;

Washington Caseworker Karen Meek;

Mobile Office personnel: Terry Robarge and Gretchen Heltzel.