If you believe Uncle Sam's computers (and who does not?), women, and minorities are being promoted at a faster rate than their white male colleagues in government. But they have a long way to go to match white males in the pay, grade and clout department.

According to an Office of Personnel Management study (for the period July 1, 1978, to June 1979), women received 46 percent of all promotions although they hold only 37 percent of the government's 2.1 million non-Postal Service jobs. The OPM study also shows that 52 of every 100 people hired by the government during the one-year period were women.

OPM's study covered nearly every personnel action in government during that period and showed:

One in every four women in government got a promotion during the one-year period, compared to promotions for one in every six men.

Twenty-one percent, or about 83,000, of the promotions during the period went to minorities, and that was a percentage point jump from the previous year.

Despite their higher rate of promotion, 8 of every 10 women upgraded in government are in Grade 8 ($16,826 to $21,875) or below, most still concentrated in clerical jobs. Sixty percent of all promotions were from one clerical-type job to another; only 7 percent of the promotions for women were in professional-type jobs.