Soon after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, Dorothy Nathan asked her second-graders at Glen Forest Elementary School in Fairfax County to share their concerns about the country in letters to the new president.

Mrs. Nathan sent us some of her students' letters, and as she wrote us, "These children are from many ethnic an cultural backgrounds -- virtually every race, color and creed. We are mailing the original [letters] -- complete with intriguing illustrations and very careful printing -- to the White House."

Congratulations, you're the president! I hope we don't have no wars. Have the prices go down a little on foods. Have clean air and water, too. Have a parade because the hostages are out. I am glad the 52 hostages are released. Have the gas prices down. I am in second grade and my teacher's name is Mrs. Nathan and she went to the Pension Building to the Inaugural Ball.Please come to Glen Forest.

Congratulation, Mr. Reagan!I am glad you are our president of the United States of America. I come from Laos and I want you to come to Glen Forest School. I wish you well and I hope you'll try our school lunch. -- Susan Stone

Let there be peace on earth and no crimes or wars. I wish you could come to our class. I wish the prices woudl go down on food. -- Karen Mahabir

Congratulations! I'm glad you're our 40th president. When you were inaugurated the hostages came in a plane. We watched it on tv. I wish you good luck in your job. -- Evan Nagle

Congratulations! Please stop crimes and people who sell guns that make it so easy for bad guys to get them. Come to Glen Forest School. -- Kerin Hilker

Congratulations! You are our new president. Visit us at Glen Forest some day. You should come to our school because we come from many countries and are different colors and religions and we're friends. Maybe the world can do this too! Can you have lunch with us and remember to visit? -- Tien Ho

Congratulations! Can you come to Glen Forest for a visit and can you eat lunch with our class? Miss Nathan our teacher went to your ball. Can you stop crime in our country? How can I help make our country better? -- Betty Nguyen