The town of Vienna's recreation director, suspended without pay for 10 days in January after being accused of repeatedly fondling and propositioning a female employe, continues to serve in his post despite new complaints by three additional employes in his five-person department.

The women have accused the town official, Judson A. Hockman, of cornering them by a photocopy machine located in a closet in his office; approaching one of them in the community center gymnasium with his zipper down; fondling another under her shirt and offering favors in return of sex.

Hockman is a 15-year veteran of his post. After refusing to tell a reporter his age, the 40ish director said simply, "Well, you know, some people say a lot of things and you just don't know why." He refused to comment further.

Town Manager Brackenridge H. Bentley yesterday confirmed that Hockman had been suspended earlier as a result of the harassment charge. He refused to say whether any further action against Hockman would be taken. One town official said Hockman has filed a grievance in connection with the case, but gave no details.

One person who has been sentenced in connection with the allegations is Hockman's wife, Celeste. Appearing in Fairfax City District Court on Tuesday, she was convicted of assault and put on one year's probation on charges she threw her pocketbook at one of her husband's complaining employes.

The victim of the pocketbook attack, Kim Donatelli, who was four months pregnant at the time, said yesterday the trouble, first disclosed by The Fairfax Journal, began when she was notified of her transfer to the recreation department last March.

Before she left her job as a finance clerk in the water department to become Hockman's personal secretary, she said, "I was warned by other women how he was, but I figured if anything came up, I could handle it. Then during our first meeting, he asked me if I had a jealous husband. I started to wonder."

About three weeks later, Donatelli said, Hockman "started getting really friendly, saying how good I looked and all -- that's the pattern he used. He would get real friendly, then make a move, kiss me or hug me or something or ask me if I fooled around. Then, after I told him to back off, he would treat me like dirt under his feet. After a while, he would start again. w

"Every time I'd go to the Xerox machine, he'd jump up from his desk and put his arms on either side of the closet and say, 'Oh, I've got you cornered,'" said Donatelli, 23, now a records librarian in the town clerk's office. "Then he'd get this look in his eyes, like he was looking right through my clothes and just laugh. Or I'd type a letter and take it to him to sign, and he'd just put it down on his desk and leer at me. . . .

"Once, I wore this T-shirt with a computer picture of my 3-year-old daughter on it. He said he'd like to cut out the picture and see what's underneath." Another time, Donatelli said, Hockman offered her a raise if she would go to bed with him.

"It gave me the creeps. I was afraid of him," Donatelli said.

About three weeks ago, Debbie Paris, a 23-year-old gymnastics teacher, also filed a complaint about Hockman with town manager Bentley. "After putting up with it for four years and thinking I was an isolated case," said Paris, "I found out I wasn't the only one."

"Sometimes it was just talk," Paris said. "He'd ask me about what I did in bed or about my different friends. Once he came into the community center after hours and asked me what I did when I went on a date. Other times he'd try to grab me and kiss me."

Another time, when she was pregnant, Paris said Hockman promised that "when I was fat and ugly and my husband no longer desired me, I would be coming to him [Hockman] for sex."

Paris said Hockman once approached one of the other gym instructors and "told her he would like to see what's under her leotard. . . . On two occasions, he walked in with his zipper open and it was pretty gross."

The second instructor, who requested anonymity, said yesterday she and onother coworker also have filed complaints about Hockman.

It got to the point, Paris said, that when she had to do some photocopying she'd shut the closet door. "Even then, when I opened the door, he'd be standing there with his hands in very strategic positions."

Donatelli said the incident involving Hockman's wife took place on the night of Jan. 22, about a week after she made the original complaint that resulted in Hockman's suspension. "My husband and I and our little girl were eating dinner at the coffee table in the living room and there was a knock at the door. It was Jud and his wife.

"She said, 'I want to know what really happened,' as if I had propositioned her husband or something. When I said it was all in the records in the city manager's office, she went crazy. Jud kept edging toward the door and saying it was time for them to go, but she kept saying she didn't believe it. Then she threw the pocketbook at me.

"The thing that burns me up," continued Donatelli, " is that three other girls have complained and he still has his job. Mr. Bentley [the town manager] said that if there were any other complaints after mine, something would be done, but they're not doing anything.

"I think something fishy is going on here," she said.