Yesterday's column advised that Reagan's budget revision would ask Congress to vote 63,182 fewer federal jobs than requested by Carter. The figures are out. Reagan is asking for a reduction of 63,100 non-Defense jobs over this fiscal year and next.

The cutbacks in most agencies and departments will be partly offset by increases of about 34,000 jobs Reagan is asking for Army, Navy and Air Force. Bear in mind the Reagan "revisions" are from budget "assumptions" made earlier by Carter. In many cases the higher Carter job totals exist only on paper.

Government brass expect there will be RIFs (reductions-in-force) in several agencies, but that the number of people laid off will not be too high (unless you happen to be one of them) and could be stretched out over the next year and a half.

Following are the revisions proposed by Reagan for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 as he asks Congress either to raise of lower ceilings proposed by Carter.

Agriculture, down 4,200 positions this year from the Carter budget assumptions; Commerce, down 1,990; Defense, up 14,000 this year; Education, down 400; Energy, down 1,200; Health and Human Services, up 5,600; HUD, down 900.

Interior, down 2,000; Justice, down 1,200; Labor, down 1,600; State, no change this year but down 500 in 1982; Transportation, down 3,000; Treasury, down 4,100; EPA, down 700; Space Agency, down 500; Veterans Administration, down 4,700 this year.

GSA, down 1,800; International Communication Agency, down 400; Office of Personnel Management, down 600; Small Business Administration, down 300. Other agencies would lose 2,700 slots from this year's Carter budget. Net decrease for this fiscal year, and fiscal 1982 from the Carter budget proposals would be -- if Congress approves the cuts -- 43,100 by September 1982.