The town of Vienna's recreation director, Judson D. Hockman, has resigned following accusations that he sexually harassed four female employes.

Town Manager Brackenridge H. Bentley said yesterday Hockman has been placed on administrative leave and will continue to collect his $32,752 a year salary, until his resignation becomes effective July 1. Bentley declined further comment citing Virginia's privacy laws.

Hockman, Vienna's recreation director for 15 years, refused comment on the resignation yesterday. One city official said Hockman had realized the "pressure and public condemnation" that surfaced after the allegations of sexual harassment were made public "weren't going to die down. His wife had become embroiled in the situation, and he wanted to protect his family from further embarrassment. He took the honorable way out."

Hockman was suspended without pay for 10 days in January after Kim Donatelli, 23, complained Hockman continually cornered her by a photocopy machine in his office, offered her a raise if she would have sex with him, kissed and fondled her and, generally, "gave me the creeps."

Shortly after his suspension, Hockman's wife Celeste was convicted of assaulting Donatelli in Fairfax City District Court and placed on one year's probation on charges that she threw her pocketbook at the stomach of then-pregnant woman.

Though three additional employes in Hockman's five-person department also lodged complaints after Donatelli's was made public, Hockman remained at his job until this week when his resignation was announced at a Town Council meeting.

"Yes, I'm satisfied about the resignation," said Debbie Paris, one of the complaining employes. "But you know, they're paying him until July 1."