The National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Negro Students has announced the names of DC. high school seniors who are winners of its 17th annual scholarship competition.

Some students won one-time National Achievement $1,000 scholarships, and others won corporate-sponsored Four-Year Achievement scholarships and will receive an average of $1,500 per year for their college undergraduate study.

Other students were designated honorary winners in recognition of their outstanding performances in the competition.

The winners are Pamela K. Cothran, 4430 14th St. NE, McKinley Senior High School; Hurley H. Doddy, 1327 Webster St. NE, Sidwell Friends School; Howard R. Epps, 1775 N. Portal Dr. NW, Sidwell Friends School; Elizabeth R. Fortson, 1312 Emerson St. NW, Georgetown Day High School; Yvonne L. Jones, 4720 16th St. NW, Sidwell Friends School; Geralyn R. Lawrence, Box 833 BFS, Immaculata Preparatory School; LaSalle D. LeFall III, 2900 Ellicott St. NW, St. Albans School; Meta J. Mickens 1246 Farragut Place NE, McKinley Senior High School; Joseph S. Oliver, 319 Oneida St. NE, St. John's College High School; Leslie F. Spencer, 622 I St. NE, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School; Emmanuel F. Tillman, 527 Sheridan St. NW. Calvin Coolidge High School; Lauren K. Foster, 919 Lamberton Dr., Wheaton, Georgetown Day High School.