Nhi Do, 41, teacher, Northwest: "We need more control. Everybody can own one and shoot anybody. Look at what happened to Reagan. People are concerned about constitutional rights that were written 200 years ago when men were in the wilderness."

Jerry Jones, 26, insurance specialist, Northeast: "There is virtually no way to keep them off the street. You have to go back to the people who make the guns and put controls on who has access and for what purposes they want them."

Dr. Brenda B. McRae, agency project manager, Southwest: "I don't know how many times we can go through all these tragedies. If we want to live in peace, there should be more controls on their use nationwide."

Charlie Martin, 20, maintenance, Northeast: "Nothing can be done about it. Just about everybody has one in D.C. -- even the teen-agers. Handguns have a lot to do with the crime rate. People are going to always get guns in this town."

Daniel McCarthy, 23, economist, Northwest: "Gun control is not doing much good in D.C. If you ban handguns in one place, you can get them across the street. It has to be a nationwide crackdown. We should stop production of Saturday Night Specials."

James Puryear, 20, unemployed, Southeast: "The government should take them off the street. What happened to Reagan makes me feel even stronger about this than before. I'm scared to walk the street by myself at night."

Clint Anderson, 23, counselor, Northwest: "The police must crack down. To control handguns in D.C., you're going to have to control them in Maryland and Virginia. Maybe what happened Monday will make the government tighten the controls."

Wilma Thompson, 31, secretary: "What happended Monday will probably happen again. It's hard getting guns out of people's hands. The police have tried to get people to register them, but they should be more stringent against those who use guns to commit crime."

C.A. Linn, 26, designer, Northwest: "I would like to see some control. Clearly, what we have now is not strict enough. I think there needs to be some federal regulations on handguns. I'd prefer the extreme -- no handguns at all."

Sarah Dark, 23, housekeeper, Southeast: "Looking at the job problems and the crime problems and what happened to Reagan and the others who got shot, I don't know what the world's coming to. You need some kind of protection, but we don't need guns."