Two Southeast Washington men were arrested yesterday in connection with the recent slayings of a Montgonmery County police officer and a security man during a burglary of the W. Bell & Co. catalouge store in White Oak. The arrests increased to four the number of suspects in the case.

Police identified the two new suspects as Herbert Smallwood Jr., 25, of 2820 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, and Curtis Wayne Monroe, 23, of 2806 N St. SE.

Both men were asleep when more than a dozen police and plainclothesmen arived at their apartments at 8:30 a.m. yesterday. Police had obtained fugitive warrants for the men, based on murder warrants for them in Montgomery County, county police said.

Smallwood was sobbing as he was loaded into the back of the police wagon, according to one police officer.

Police are continuing their investigation "for other possible suspects involved," Nancy Moses, the county police spokeswoman, said.

Smallwood and Monroe were being held by D.C. police on fugitive charges pending extradition hearings early this week. Montgomery County police have warrants for both on charges of murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, burglary, and use of a handgun in the commission of a felony.

The shootings occurred as Montogmery County police officer Philip Metz, 33, and David Wayne Myers, 30, a security technician for a burglar alarm company, checked the W. Bell building after at least two burglar alarms were activated at 7 a.m.

Police said the bodies of Metz and Myers were found in an office where the store's safe was located. A store manager, Douglas Cummins Jr., 28, was shot, then handcuffed to a file cabinet and apparently left to die. Cummins survived and later called police.

Police made their first arrests in the case on Wednesday, when they charged Burl Perry Courtney, 22, of Forestville, with murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, burglary and use of a handgun in the case. Courtney's common-law wife, Valerie Lawson, was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder for allegedly providing a car used in the crime and harboring Courtney afterward.

The shooting in the catalouge store were followed 14 hours later by the fatal shooting in Hillandale of the manager of a Grand Union supermarket, also on New Hampshire Avenue less than two miles away. Police said that shooting was apparently unrealted to the White Oak incident.