A second Washington taxicab driver has been formally accused by the regional cab regulatory agency of repeatedly overcharging passengers, mainly for trips to and from National Airport.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission alleged that on 11 occasions reported to it by the passengers, driver Paul Akinrotoye collected excessive fares. It ordered him to appear for a public hearing May 14.

In one of the 11 incidents, the commission said a passenger complained that Akinrotoye charged a seven-passenger group $28 for a trip from the Holiday Inn/Central in Washington to National Airport that should have cost $6.15. iOn another occasion, he was accused of charging an individual $5.75 for traveling from Chevy Chase to a residence in Washington, a journey that should have cost $2.35.

The accusation against Akinrotoye is the second of its kind in the transit commission's 20-year history. Just last week, it was disclosed that the commission had cited driver Jack B. Dembo on similar allegations of repeated overcharges.

In both cases, the commission said in its formal orders, the hearings could determine whether it shoudl recommend possible administrative action by the District of Columbia to suspend or revoke hackers' permits held by the two men. It also noted specifically that it could refer the matter to the D.C. corporation counsel for prosecution.