Arlington County Board member Ellen M. Bozman announced yesterday she will run for a third term on the board as an independent -- a decision that a leading Republican said indicates the weakness of the county's Democratic Party.

"I guess Bozman feels there are no coattails out there," said Walter Frankland, a Republican-backed board member, shortly after Bozman revealed her campaign plans

But Bozman, who was unopposed in her two other races for the five-member board, laughed off Frankland's comment. "No, this is just another case of where Walter and I disagree," she said.

Bozmn, 55, said her decision to run as an independent was based on the inability of the Democratic Party to make any nominations for the board until August, a month before the state's scheduled party primaries. Rather than wait, Bozman said she had elected to run, as she always has, as an independent with endorsements from both the Democrats and the nonpartisan Arlingtonians for a Better County (ABC).

Bozman and Frankland also differed over whether the Republican Party will endorse a candidate for the board seat in the November elections.Bozman predicted whe would be unopposed and Frankland said the GOP, which controls three of the board's seats, will offer a candidate. "At this stage, the names have not come to the surface," he added.

The ABC organization will meet April 29 to make its endorsements and the Democratic Party will follow on May 20, Bozman said.