Two stories recently published in the Virginia Weekly about the proposed rezoning of the Chiles tract contained several errors which have been brought to our attention by Fairfax County Supervisor James M. Scott. The Chiles Tract is in the Providence District, which is represented by Scott, not by Supervisor Thomas M. Davis. Secondly we reported that Supervisor Davis was approached by Fairfax school board Chairman Ann P. Kahn with a proposal that 10 acres of the land be that the developer would donate the land to the schools in return for an agreement from the supervisors to rezone the property for commercial development. Although Kahn favors acquisition of the land for school use, she says she did not discuss the matter with Davis.

Scott makes the point that the school board did not ask the supervisors to rezone the tract but only requested that if the rezoning takes place, that the 10 acres be granted to the schools.

Scott also takes exception to a statement that the school board was trying to get "something for nothing" in acquiring the land, noting that it is not unusual for the county to obtain donations from developers of land for schools and other public uses. In addition, Scott denies that he was "lukewarm" to the proposal that the schools receive the 10 acres of land. He said he favors first dedicating the land to the country and then, if needed, to the schools.