More than 1,500 Fairfax County students in 38 elementary, intermediate and high schools would be transferred to other schools next fall if the county school board agrees to proposed boundary changes.

The changes, fewer than those made last fall, are needed to relieve overcrowding in some schools and to enable several underused schools to more effectively utilize space, according to Roger Webb, director of the school system's facilities services.

Last fall seven elementary schools were closed and two new elementary and two intermediate schools were opened, reflecting the disparity between the fast-growing western parts of the county and the dwindling student population in the eastern sections. This fall two more elementary schools -- Pimmit Hills and Cedar Lane -- are scheduled to close.

Most of the transfers, affecting 13 elementary, 14 intermediate and 11 high schools, will be based on geographic considerations. For instance, students living closest to the schools that will receive additional students probably will be the first to be transferred, Webb said, although students' bus routes also will be a factor.

Administrative boundaries of 14 additional schools also are slated to be changed, but none involve student transfers.

No students in sixth, eighth or 12th grades would be affected by the transfers, allowing them to complete their final year at their current schools.

Of the 1,549 students expected to be transferred, 739 are in elementary schools, 243 in intermediate and 567 in high school.

At Oakton High School, for example, there are now 2,541 students in a building designed to hold 2,200. Under the proposed boundary changes, enrollment would be reduced to 2,338 students. Of the 203 Oakton students scheduled for transfer, two-thirds would go to Fairfax High School and one-third to Falls Church.

During the next four weeks, area superintendents will contact parents in schools affected by the changes and will meet with them. The school board is scheduled to vote on the changes at its meeting May 14.