The Metro Board says that my neighborhood subway station could open in December. It says that it will be finished by then, but that there are not enough trains to go around and so to open the station early would cause overcrowding. I have a solution for this. Close another station.

Close Silver Spring. That would save plenty of riders. There are lots of riders in Silver Spring and they have had their subway a long time now. They must be tired of it. They could use a break. Take a bus, Silver Spring. Drive a car, Silver Spring. Walk, for all I care. Just give me my Metro.

I mean it. Where is it written that me and my neighbors have to look at a fully operational subway station that we can not use? Why do we have to wait until God-knows-when (Don't tell me May) when new subway cars are supposed to come from Florence, Italy? I have been to Florence, Italy, and I can tell you that it is not a town known for keeping to a schedule.

The Metro board says that if it opens my station and two others on the Red Line, there will be delays and overcrowding. This is because the three stations -- Woodley Park-Zoo, Cleveland Park and Van Ness-UDC -- will pump in an additional 30,000 riders a day and there will not be enough cars to accommodate these people until May.

But I've been waiting for the Metro since 1969. For years, I drove on wooden streets because of Metro. My tires got splinters. My friend skidded and almost totaled his car. I have tripped on Metro construction and wasted maybe a year of my life sitting in traffic caused by the building of the thing and every night, for a time, I had my sleep interrupted by blasting. For this I get a hole in the ground that won't work. Give me my subway!

Close the Virginia Square station. Who ever heard of Virginia Square, anyway? I never met anyone who said they lived in Virginia Square. Sounds like a folk dance. Probably it doesn't exist. Close it.

Close Fort Totten. We don't need forts anymore. Make Farragut North and Farragut West into one station. Call it Farragut Middle and then think of all the people you can save. Close anything you want, just give me my subway.

Almost everyday I look at that subway station that can not be used. I look forward to giving up my car, to reading the paper on the subway, to enjoying the fruits of the taxes I pay. I can not believe anyone would go through the expense of building a subway station and then not use it. I can not believe they have not ordered enough cars. Maybe on rainy days, they will open the station and let us walk underground to Dupont Circle where we can catch the train.

Sometimes I see people go down into the subway station. I wonder if they just wait and wait for trains that never come. Maybe there are bodies down there of people who have died waiting for a train. How would they know the next train is coming from Italy and is not due until May? You see a station, you expect trains.

Let's close the Union Station station. It's dumb to have a train station within a train station. Besides, it's not a train station.It's a Visitor Center. Besides, the roof leaks. Maybe they should close National Airport and not reopen it until they move the station closer to the terminal. Let's close Metro Center and not use it until it's renamed something that makes sense or maybe Arlington Cemetery should be closed. The people there don't commute anyway.

In a way, there is something quintessential Washington about this. The town is full of freeways that go nowhere and there's a tunnel under Dupont Circle that can't be used and now we have subway stations that are brand new, finished and operational but for which there are no trains. Maybe we could lend the stations to New York. Or maybe New York could lend us the trains in exchange for the buses we lend them. Or . . . how do you get a train from Italy to Washington anyway?

Sometimes at night, I go out while walking my dog and look at my Metro station. It is well lit and occasionally the escalators are running and people go up and down. Kids play in the station and tourists peer into it, but no trains come and go.

My station don't go nowhere