Two Northern Virginians -- Rodney G. McFadden of Arlington, and Joseph D. Morrissey of Annadale -- have announced their candidacies for seats in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Both men will be running for seats that are part of a new redistricting plan approved by the General Asembly earlier this month. Already, the reapportionment plan has created controversy, and some observers contend it could very well be open to a court challenge.

McFadden, 28, plans to seek a seat in the three-member 22nd District of Arlington, while Morrissey, 23, will be running in the newly created three-member 51st District covering southwestern Fairfax County.

McFadden, although he will be listed on the official ballot as an independent, plans to seek the endorsement of the Libertarian Party.

Four incumbents, all Democrats, also are expected to enter the race in the 22nd District -- James F. Almand, Mary A. Marshall and Warren G. Stambaugh, who now represent the district, and Elsie B. Heinz, whose 23rd District "floater" seat in Arlington-Alexandria was eliminated under the redistricting plan.

McFadden, who has lived in Arlington almost two years, is a member of the Merchant Marine, which he says will grant him an open-ended two-year leave if elected to the House

He said he opposes continued Metro funding, preferring that the private sector become more involved in meeting transportation needs, and favors tuition tax credits for both private and public schools that would foster competion to improve educational systems.

Morrissey will be seeking the nomination in a Republican primary this September and is expected to be challenged by three Republican incumbents -- James H. Dillard, Robert E. 'arris and Lawrence D. Pratt.

Morrissey, a second-year student at Georgetown University Law Center, says he is a fiscal conservative who favors minimal government spending. Politically active as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, he has worked as a law clerk in Washington and last summer studied at Exeter University in England.