One George Mason University policeman resigned last week and another received a 24-hour suspension as a result of charges from students that the officers abused their power.

The resignation followed an incident in which the officer allegedly drew a gun on two women students about 2 a.m. April 10. Arthur Sanders, director of campus police, said the officer was a recent GMU graduate who had been on the campus force for less than a year.

Sanders said the incident occurred after a campus-wide party, when the officer observed a pickup truck being driven erratically around campus. The officer signaled the truck to stop, then dropped into a combat stance, drew his gun and pointed it at the truck's windshield.

A few moments later, Sanders said, the officer apologized to the two women in the truck after they explained they were not drunk, but merely unfamiliar with the workings of a standard transmission.

Sanders added that the officer did not report the incident, but the two students did.

In the second case, a campus policeman was suspended for one day after two students complained that the officer had "mouthed off" to them.

According to a report in the April 20 issue of Broadside, the student newspaper, two students, who were participating in a play that satirized the campus police, asked a campus officer when they could get a security uniform for a skit. The students reported that the officer called them "worthless toads."

The students then reportedly asked the officer if he wanted to know what they thought of him and he threatened them with jail.

Sanders said earlier this week that the officer involved had confirmed that the conversation took place, although there were conflicting accounts concerning exactly what was said.

Sanders says he has no plans to revamp the department as a result of the incident. All GMU police officers attend an 11-week course at the police academy and are certified by the state.