An anonymous reader has sent me a clipping about a traffic accident that killed two people in a car that was making a left turn. Attached to the clipping was a note that said, "Notice that most of these dreadful crashes happen while one of the cars is making a left turn. We need to make drivers aware of this."

True. Now tell me how to do it.

One who has been driving for any length of time surely must have learned for himself that judgment of speed and distance is esential to survival. But lack of that judgment continuses to cause accidents.

On any busy roadway, you can see people make horrible decisions about when it is safe to turn left, turn right on red, back out of a driveway or emerge from a "Stop" sign. Drivers appear to think that if there is a chance they might complete a move safely, they should attempt it.

This is utterly foolish. If there is doubt, the maneuver should not be attempted. The driver should wait a few seconds until he is certain he can complete the maneuver without risk of life and property.

But we're in such an all-fired hurry these days, nobody seems willing to wait. Not even for death.

What's the hurry? What are you going to do with the seconds you save?