The Montgomery County Council nearing its May 15 budget deadline voted yesterday to give country employes the full 9.4 percent cost-of-living wage increase requested by County Executive Charles Gilchrist.

Gilchrist's formula would give $14.7 million in raises to the county's approximately 8,000 employes. An alternative considered by the council would have saved $5 million in Gilchrist's revised $726.3 million 1982 budget but would not have given county employes 75 percent of the consumer price index as a cost-of-living increase, a formula adopted by the council three years ago.

Nearly 500 county workers jammed the council hearing room for the afternoon work session, Responding with cheers and applause to every council member who spoke in favor of a 9.4 percent wage increase.

The council took less than an hour to drop its misgivings about financing the full amount, and voted unanimously to approve it.

Council member Neal Potter, expressing his reservations, said, "If we fund ourselves on the highest level, I'm afraid the state legislature will; say next winter that Montgomery County is on easy street and they don't need our aid for schools, etc."

"I think we intimidated the council," said Nancy Monro, a county health employe. "There was no other was no other way they could vote."

Hearing the council vote, Cpl. Av Wofsey of the Montgomery County detention center shouted, "Hey, my baby will have shoes."