Fairfax County police have arrested two suspects wanted in North Carolina in connection with the murder last month of the stepson of a high-ranking National Labor Relations Board official.

The body of Gregory W. Mayer, 23, the stepson of NLRB assistant general counsel John Falcone of Annandale, was found by police on April 30 lying face down in the underbrush along a rural road near Rte. I-85 in Cabarrus County, N.C.

Mayer was driving to Fairfax from a job in Tucson, Ariz., and had accepted help from a couple after his vehicle broke down in Texas, police and Falcone said yesterday.

Mayer, clad in jeans and a Global Van Lines T-shirt, had been shot in the head and chest, and his wallet, including his identification, removed, police said.

Fairfax police arrested Steven J. Broderick, 27, of no fixed address, last Saturday and his companion, Kelly Jo Hines of 12146 Queens Brigade Ct., Fairfax, on Sunday. Both were being held yesterday in the Fairfax jail under $100,000 bond each.

Falcone said Mayer moved to Tucson two years ago, when he "felt he had reached the age he should get out as an adult and make a life of his own." He worked for a moving company, but recently had decided to return to Virginia to go to school and develop a career, Falcone said.

Falcone said Mayer's pickup truck, carrying a new motorcycle in the back, broke down near San Antonio. Mayer telephoned home and said a couple had offered to tow him to Houston, where his father had friends. But Mayer never arrived.

Sometimes on April 30, police said, an argument broke out between Mayer and the couple. Mayer's body was found about 20 miles from Charlotte, N.C. On the back of his Global T-shirt was stenciled "Roller Van and Storage Co," his employer in Tucscon. Police used that clue to establish Mayer's identity.

Fairfax police said Broderick was stopped last weekend as he drove a motorcycle north on I-395 without goggles, a violation of state law. A check of the Arizona license plate showed the motorcycle belonged to Mayer. Hines was arrested at her home on Sunday, after a team of detectives drove all night from Cabarrus County.