The White House reportedly is searching for a yacht so President Reagan can take leisurely cruises during his recuperation from a gunshot wound and can entertain foreign dignitaries. Washington Post staff writer Joseph Harb and staff photographer Vanessa Barnes Hillian interviewed people on the street.

Terri Evans, 25, travel agent, Capitol Hill: "It's okay as long as it's legal, but I think taxpayers' money should be used for government programs and not personal pleasure. It actually seems a bit eccentric."

Joseph L. Easley, 60, with Southern Railways, Upper Northeast: "If other presidents have been able to have one, he should too. But I don't think it should be bought or operated with taxpayers' money."

Steve Shimer, 28, legal secretary, Dupont Circle: "I'm not really surprised. It just follows the whole grandiose-styled atmosphere of this administration with limousines and expensive living."

Dennis Smith, 22, Emerson Street NW, computer lab attendant: "I don't like it. If it's not related to his business, why should we pay for it? The government doesn't give other people yachts for recuperating from accidents."

Charles Fulton, 30, Quebec Place NW, messenger: "It's all right. The man needs a little relaxation, time to get away from the pressure of people complaining about all of his budget cuts."

Wesley Harding, 53, 4th Street NE, Good Humor Man: "I don't think he should have one. If he really wants to reduce spending, he should take his own advice. He's got Camp David for when he wants to get away."

Lisa Roberts, 19, 15th Street SE, clerk-typist: "If he's paying for it, okay, but the taxpayers' money can be put to better use. If he needs it to get away from hassles, then we all should have a yacht, because we all have hassles everyday."

Roland Bond, 21, Mary Avenue SE, messenger: "I think he should pay for it out of his own pocket. I just don't like the whole idea, but he's the president, and the president seems to get what he wants."

Kathy Bosworth, 23, Corey Place NW, bank teller: "It just seems like they're trying to put on a big show with limousines and everything. What about Camp David if he wants to relax? Nixon had a yacht, but look at what happened to him."

Jeanette Bobbitt, 23, Savannah Terrace SE, keypunch operator: "I guess it's fine by me, even though he already has so many luxuries he doesn't really need a yacht. He could just take a vacation anywhere on a plane if he wanted to."

Marie Watson, 18, Vermont Avenue NW, Howard University student: "I think the money could be used for some of the programs, like student aid, that he's planning on cutting. He knew it would be a tough job when he took it."