Fairfax County's newest, and only elected, school board member believes sex education should head the list of programs that need to be seriously revamped in the nation's 11th largest school system.

"We've got to make sure the sexed program gets through," said Ted Voorhees, a 17-year-old junior form George C. Marshall High School, who last week defeated four opponents in his bid for the student seat on the school board. "It is the concern of the SAC (Student Advisory Council) that students be able to make intelligent and informed decisions concerning sex."

Tonight, the school board is scheduled to vote on a controversial plan to expand the current sex education program, a proposal that last week drew nearly 90 people to a public hearing on the subject. If approved, Voorhees said his role as the only student member of the board will be to help ensure speedy implementation of the program. If the plan is defeated, he said he will encourage other board members to reintroduce the subject.

Voorhees will take office June 1, succeeding David McCreight of Robinson Secondary School to the one year term.

Although he is the only elected board member, he can neither vote nor introduce to the board matters for consideration. Instead, he acts as the liaison between the board and the 127,400 students in Fairfax County schools.

Voorhees, however, hopes to persuade the board to alter its policy and give the student member a vote. Five years ago, the board voted to remove the student vote after the student representative then on the board was accused of misuising public funds.

"If a mayor was convicted for fraud would that be reason enough to erase the entire position of mayor?" Voorhees asked. "We (the students) should not be held responsible for this one mistake." CAPTION: Picture, Ted Voorhees, new student member of the Fairfax school board. $1By Lisa Berg For The Washington Post