A Prince George's County correctional officer was shot and wounded yesterday during an escape attempt by a prisoner who was being transported to Prince George's County Hospital.

The prisoner, Joseph D. Roberts, was captured a few blocks away in a county police roadblock, but an accomplice fled and police were searching for him late yesterday.

Correctional Officer Joyce Williams was shot in the shoulder when Robert allegedly started a scuffle with her and took her gun outside the hospital's emergency room entrance, according to a county corrections department spokesman.

When Roberts was brought to the hospital for X-rays, an armed accomplice apparently was waiting for him in a stolen car, the spokesman said. After the scuffle the two men drove off, but their car collided with the vehicle of a hospital security guard who was blocking their path, according to police.

The two commandeered another car, forcing its driver out at gunpoint, and resumed their flight. They were stopped by police a few blocks away on Schuster Drive in Cheverly and Roberts was recaptured. His companion fled into the nearby woods, according to police.

Williams was in fair condition after surgery at the hospital, according to a spokesman.

Police said Roberts had been jailed at the county detention center awaiting trial on armed robbery charges. He suffered a minor head injury during an altercation in the jail yesterday morning. After receiving stitches at the detention center's medical unit, he was taken to the hospital for further examination.

Once there, Roberts, who was in handcuffs, leg irons and a waist chain, was met by someone armed with a revolver, the spokesman said.

There was a scuffle, shots were exchanged, and Williams was injured, the spokesman said.