State officials are investigating whether criminal charges, including attempted murder, should be brought against a physician and his wife who asked that their newborn Siamese twins be denied food and water.

State's Attorney Edward Litak of Vermillion County said he is considering whether to file charges against the parents and seven or more medical professionals at Lakeview Hospital in Danville who withheld food and water from the infants.

Litak confirmed that attempted murder is among the charges that may be brought against the parents, whose names have been withheld, and several doctors, nurses and nurse's aides who carried out their orders.

The Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board is investigating whether to revoke licenses of physicians involved in the case, including the father of the twins, who are joined below the waist and share many vital organs.

The male twins, born May 5 in Danville, were reported in fair condition at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago where doctors are continuing an evaluation of the babies to determine whether surgical separation is possible.

"The general consensus [among the doctors] is that it would be difficult to salvage both of them," said Gregory Coler, director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, which took temporary custody of the twins last week.