All 71 stories of the Chrysler Building and parts of other skyscrapers, including the World Trade Center, were evacuated as this city suffered a case of the bomb jitters.

Explosives experts worked overtime examining suspicious packages as 96 threats in 24 hours were phoned to police and other people after discovery of five live bombs in three days. Those bombs, police and FBI agents believe, were planted by a splinter group of the Armed Forces of National Liberation, which is demanding Puerto Rican independence and an end to U.S. involvement in El Salvador and other Latin American countries.

One device exploded over the weekend at Kennedy International Airport, killing a 19-year-old airport employe.

The sites that police searched yesterday ranged from Kennedy and La Guardia airports to restaurants and Madison Square Garden. The concourse level of the World Trade Center was emptied while police searched for a bomb that was reportedly planted in a trash receptacle. The report turned out to be false.

Thousands of workers fled the Chrysler Building after its manager received three telephone bomb threats, and police ordered all offices cleared. After an hour, the workers were allowed to return.

Mayor Edward I. Koch called for calmness but at the same time vented his anger at those responsible for the five bombs, calling them "madmen bent on destroying innocent people" and adding that they should be executed.