A D.C. Superior Court judge yesterday sentenced a Southeast Washington man to a minimum of 43 years in prison for the 1979 murders of artist Gloria D. Whipple, who was brutally beaten during a robbery on the Mall, and a Navy petty officer who was killed in his apartment.

Judge Carlisle E. Pratt sentenced Roy Anderson Leasure, 20, to a 20-years-to-life term on each of two first-degree murder charges, seven years to life on a rape charge and five to 15 years for a robbery conviction in the case of the 51-year-old Whipple, according to a attorney familiar with the case.

Leasure also was sentenced to 20 years to life for each of three first-degree murder convictions in connection with the strangling and drowning of 34-year-old Navy petty officer George K. LaRoach.He also received a sentence of 10 to 30 years for burglary, five to 15 years for robbery and three to 10 years on a sodomy charge in the LaRoach case.

The multiple murder convictions result from the fact that Leasure was found guilty by a jury of murder in connection with a rape and robbery in the Whipple case as well as the premeditated murder of LaRoach and the murder of him in connection with a robbery and burglary.

According to Leasure's attorney, G. Allen Dale, Leasure must serve a mandatory 43 years before he is eligible for parole.

Dale asked Pratt for leniancy on the basis that Leasure should have an opportunity to be rehabilitated. After Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul N. Murphy opposed the request, Leasure stood and told the judge he was not asking for mercy, but that he denied the charges.

"I don't think any person is beyond rehablitation," Dale said in a interview. "Why should society support this man for the rest of his life if indeed he is rehabilitated and could be reintegrated into society?"

Leasure was convicted on March 13 together with another Southeast Washington man, Charles Patterson Perkins, for the two murders. Perkins has not yet been sentenced.