Earl H. Sagasti of Arlington is pleased to report that Metro really listens to communications from its customers.

On one occasion she complained about a driver who habitually smoked while driving. She received a prompt reply that said, "The driver has been reprimanded and he now understands that he is not allowed to smoke while operating a vehicle."

Two days later, the driver was smoking again. So Elsa wrote again.

This time Metro's response was that the driver has been warned that if he continued to smoke while driving, he would be suspended. Since then, Elsa has not seen him smoke.

On another occasion, Elsa noticed that the schedule for Bus No. 3 posted at Roslyn said that the last run left at 8:45 on Sundays, Elsa knew that the posted schedule was wrong and service continues until midnight, so she wasn't worried. But at 10 one night when a young couple looked at the erroneous schedule, the man said, "We'll have to take a cab."

Elsa told them a bus would be along in five minutes, so they waited. Later Elsa began to wonder how many people had actually taken taxis because of that erroneous schedule, so she again wrote to Metro. Two days later, a corrected schedule was posted.

Elsa is pleased to note that Metro, like Ed Rosenberg, takes the time to listen, and to try to be helpful.