The National Merit Scholarship Program has announced winners of its corporate- and college-sponsored four-year and $1,000 scholarships.

Northern Virginia students who will receive four-year, college-sponsored scholarships are Keith C. Ivey, Annandale High School, Duke University; Sigrid A. Larson, Annandale High, Washington University; Melissa A. Holloway, Woodlawn High, Occidental College; Kathleen K. Olson, Washington-Lee, Northwestern University; Joyce L. Bryson, W.T. Woodson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Alexander C. Turner, Fairfax High, University of Chicago; Jeffery N. Park, Herndon High, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Pete D. Miller, Jackson High, University of Chicago; James G. Lazar, Langley High, Washington University; Robert F. MacDonald, South Lakes High, Grinnell College; Patrick S. Broos, Lake Braddock Secondary School, Rice University; Robert G. Kester, West Springfield High. University of Chicago, and James V. Carr, Madison High, Washington University.

Students who will receive an average of $1,300 per college year are David H. Weinberg, Sidwell Friends High School, Shell Scholarship; Suzanne C. Shambaugh, Fairfax High School, Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholarship; Timothy A. Johnson, Oakton High School, Thomas J. Watson Scholarship; William T. Bogart, Osbourn Park Senior High School, Thomas J. Watson Scholarship; Kathleen A. Elder, Oakton High School, Thomas J. Watson Scholarship; Anne T. Thompson, Madeira School, Thomas J. Watson Scholarships.

Students selected for $1,000 scholarships are Ann E. David, Academy of Notre Dame; Holly C. Gilmore, St. Agnes School; Susan L. Miley, Fort Hunt High; Nicholas J. Episcopo, Lake Braddock Secondary School; Tamara L. Cohen, Washington-Lee High School; Sara K. Miron, Wakefield High School; Robert C. Wages, Yorktown High School; Wendy J. Lang, W. T. Woodson High School; Linda A. Wunderlich, Oakton High School; Douglas M. Chapin, Falls Church High School; Thomas A. Stahl, J.E.B. Stuart High School; Patrick G. Xavier, Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, Ct.; Anthony C. Rojko, McLean High School; Louis P. Bayard, West Springfield High School; Robert L. Givan, Langley High School; Janet S. Kirby, James Madison High School; Yoon Young Lee, Oakton High School, and Karen F. Lacy, Woodbridge Senior High School.