Once upon a time, I started up my parked car and after driving a few feet discovered that I had no brakes. All the fluid had leaked from the master cylinder while the car was parked.

On another occasion, I couldn't make my car move when a traffic light changed from red to green.

It's hard to say which is worse: the embarrassment one experiences when his auto becomes a hazard to others, or the what-do-I-do-now bewilderment that accompanies such an emergency.

Mrs. Charles R. Bettis of Silver Spring will be able to empathize with me. Her gears "froze" one day recently and left her wondering what had happened and what she was supposed to do about it.

A passerby suggested that she might get help at nearby Aamco Transmissions, which is located at 8129 Georgia Ave. Her Husband tells the remainder of the story:

"She walked over there and explained her problem to Ed Rosenberg, son of the owner. Although the shop was busy, he stopped what he was doing to listen to her problem, then dispatched his tow truck to get the car. When our car arrived at his shop, Mr. Rosenberg again stopped what he was doing, diagnosed the problem as a leak, put in new fluid, and told my wife she was ready to go.

"When she asked for an invoice, she was told, 'No charge. Glad to be of service.' I have written to Mr. Rosenberg and sent something so that he and his driver can have lunch on two appreciative persons. My point in writing to you is that when you receive letters about the negative things that happen, remember the good guys, too."

A tip of the hat to Charles Bettis for taking the trouble to spread the word about the good guys, and to Ed Rosenberg for giving Charlie something to write about.