The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has decided to put a $57,230,000 school bond referendum before county voters in the general election Nov. 3. If approved, the bond issue is not expected to require an increase in the property tax rate.

The referendum, which would cover about half the construction program drawn up by the school board for the next five years, calls for $44,664,000 for construction of three new elementary schools and two new intermediate schools and additions to four elementary schools. The rest of the money would be spent on various elementary and high school renovations, special education centers and storage facilities. A simple majority is required for approval of the issue.

To make the referendum palatable to voters in both the older and newer sections of the county, both areas are targeted for expenditures. But the newer, faster-growing sections to the west and south would be the primary beneficiaries.

Under the referendum, 32-room schools would be built in the Navy/-Floris ($5,521,000) and the Newington Forest ($5,498,000) areas and a 21-room school would be built at Cherry Run ($4,712,000).

Intermediate schools would be built in the Floris area ($10,111,000) and in the Springfield district ($11,046,000).

Additions would be made at Clearview ($911,000), Lake Anne ($1,815,000), Clifton ($1,749,000) and Fairview ($3,301,000). Fairview currently has several portable classrooms, which would be moved to Cherry Run once the addition at Fairview is completed and the new Cherry Run school constructed.

Elementary school renovations would include Braddock ($1,362,000), Clermont ($987,000), Hollin Meadows ($963,000), Graham Road ($1,126,000), Westlawn ($899,000), Mount Eagle ($1,326,000) and Beech Tree ($945,000).

High school renovations would be made at Marshall ($3,587,000) and Woodson ($3,481,000).

Under special education, the bond issue would cover construction of a secondary center for the physically handicapped ($1,288,000), an elementary center for the emotionally disturbed ($94,000) and a vocational job training center ($288,000).

The referendum also earmarks $840,000 for construction of a refrigerated storage building.

All the projects add up to $62,603,000, but because of an equipment deduction and subtraction of funds that had been set aside for a now-deferred plan to construct a new school in the Herndon-north Reston area, the total bond issue would be $57,230,000.