The price of grocery items in Northern Virginia, as sampled through the Virginia Department of Labor's Market Basket, increased five-tenths of one percent in June over May.

The Market Basket includes 40 items selected at random by the Labor Department each month.

Among price increases for meat items in Northern Virginia were round steak, up 18.5 cents a pound; veal cutlets, up 18 cents a pound and pork chops, up 10.2 cents a pound.

Price decreases included canned ham, down 26.3 cents a pound; frozen haddock, down 13.6 cents a pound and fryers, down 5.6 cents a pound.

Among fruits and vegetables, celery was up 11.3 cents a stalk, tomatoes were up 10.6 cents a pound, white potatoes were up 6.2 cents for 10 pounds and sweet potatoes were up 6.2 cents a pound.

Price decreases for fruits and vegetables included green beans, down 12.7 cents a pound; oranges, down 6.6 cents a dozen and onions, down 6.5 cents a pound.

Other changes included soda crackers, up 13.4 cents for a pound box; orange juice, up 5.5 cents for a 6 1/2-ounce can and beets, up 5.4 cents for a No. 303 can.

Price decreases included instant coffee, down 25.6 cents for a 6-ounce jar; shortening, down 14.3 cents for a 3-pound can; sugar, down 12.9 cents for a 5-pound bag; coffee, down 10.6 cents for a pound of regular grind; tea, down 7.8 cents for 48 bags; butter, down 6.2 cents a pound; milk, down 5.9 cents for a half gallon, and cheese, down 5 cents for an 8-ounce package.