The Common Capital Fund has awarded 10 grants amounting to $21,000 to D.C. social-change projects.

The fund, a nonendowed foundation supported by individual contributions, awards grants to grass-roots organizations that are too small, too new, too controversial or too unsophisticated to get money from traditional funding sources. The recipients are:

Black Deaf Advocates -- $1,975 for a conference to organize black people to fight discrimination and identify their special needs;

D.C. Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women -- $1,500 for a conference for women workers on improving conditions at the work place;

D.C. Coalition Against the Reagan-Barry Budget Cuts -- $2,870 to organize against cuts in social services, particularly for the poor and minorities, and layoffs of city workers;

D.C. Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador -- $2,500 to educate about the plight of Salvadoreans and the effect of increased U.S. involvement in the political process of El Salvador;

D.C. People's Anti-War Mobilization -- $3,000 to organize against increased U.S. militarism and the resultant loss of social programs, particularly within the black and Latino communities;

Everyday Theater -- $1,500 to perform benefit plays about housing displacement for tenant associations, particularly in Southeast, Northeast and Southwest;

D.C. Chapter of the National Anti-Racist Organizing Committee -- $2,500 for anti-racism work;

People United Against Government Repression and the Rise of the Klan and Nazis -- $1,050 for two teach-ins on the passage and introduction of legislation curtailing civil liberties;

Southern Columbia Heights Tenants Union -- $2,000 to organize tenants associations fighting to improve manitenance or buy their buildings;

The Women's Work Collective -- $2,105 to set up a support network for women of multiracial backgrounds and to organize around issues affecting women.

The Capital Fund's next funding cycle begins in early September. Information is available by calling Tim Siegel or Phyllis Jones at 265-1305.