Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B is expected to take a position on a proposed zoning change to allow the Embassy of France to build a chancery on Reservoir Road NW at the ANC's meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Hardy Recreation Center, Foxhall Road and Q Street NW. The case is scheduled to be heard by the D.C. Zoning Commission on July 22.

The ANC recently completed a survey of riders on the D-2 and D-8 buses. Preliminary results show that, although there may be enough buses in service on these lines, the timing and frequency of service should be adjusted. sThe ANC is sending the survey results and its conclusions to Metro, and is planning a similar survey of the D-4 line.

After a public hearing at which the ANC protested Metro's plan to eliminate the D-1, D-3, and D-9 rush-hour buses, Metro has dropped its plan to eliminate the D-3s and D-9s and is further considering the planned eliminaton of the D-1s.

The ANC now has a full-time director, Laurann Mastri. She may be reached at the ANC office at 338-2969.