The Lewinsville, a home for senior citizens adjacent to the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, was dedicated on Sunday. The facility, built by a nonprofit corporation organized by members of the church, has 144 units, a dining hall and a library.

The home, which opened last fall, is the result of more than 10 years of planning and work.

The Rev. Gary O. Pinder, copastor of the church, paid tribute at the dedication ceremonies to Marie Lewis, president of the board of directors of the Lewinsville Retirement Residence.

"Marie Lewis kept the faith and kept the project moving," Pinder said.

The home was built on 3.8 acres of land acquired in 1967 by the church but at that time the exact use for the land had not been decided.

In 1975, members of the church decided to builds a home for senior citizens and formed the nonprofit corporation. They obtained a $5.3 million loan through the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and broke ground on May 6, 1979.

All units are occupied at the Lewinsville, which has total of 155 residents.

One of those residents, Ruth Platt, says she used to live with her son. "We don't belong with young people. We would hold them back from what they want to do," Platt says. "I feel alive here now."