Metro's Believe It-Or-Not item of the week concerns a sleeping housewife who was frosted with Betty Crocker icing from head to toe by a burgler. Virginia Beach policy say it happend yesterday at 2 a.m. when the woman, 21 year-old Robin Graham, awoke to find a man smearing the icing all over her body. She said she was sleeping on her living room floor at the time, and her husband was sleeping on a nearby sofa, where they had dozed off while watching television.

Two containers of cake icing were in the room, Graham said, when the intruder, who police now call the Phantom Cake Icer, entered through an unlocked door. Using his hands, the phantom began smearing chocolate icing over Graham's face and blouse and vanilla over her legs and terry cloth shorts. Graham, who said she was reluctant to scream for fear the intruder would harm her husband and sleeping 5-year-old daughter, quoted the intruder as lecturing: "You should have known this would happen if you leave your doors unlocked."

Police later found two half-empty cans of icing 20 foot from the apartment discarded them after fleeing. These were the only items missing from the Graham's apartment, police said, adding that the Phantom, if caught, would face assault and burglary charges. Graham said she didn't get a very good look at the man because her eyes were iced shut.