Maryland State Police were still searching yesterday for clues in the slaying of a Children's Hospital nurse who was found strangled Thursday morning 40 miles from her abandoned car near Ocean City, Md.

In what authorities described as an almost round-the-clock effort to solve the slaying of Monica A. McNamara, a 28-year-old throat specialist who was on her way to meet her boyfriend at the beach resort, Maryland officials have request assistance from police in D.C., Virginia, Connecticut and Louisiana toinerview family members and acquaintances.

Police indicate they have neither a motive nor a suspect in the killing.

"I would love to tell you we had something," said trooper Bruce Hornung, one of the three investigators involved in the case. "I'd like to say we were" close to arrest. "We've got an awful lot of work to do."

McNamara's abandoned car, which police said was in good working condition, was found on rural Rte. 90, eight miles west of Ocean City. A passerby discovered her fully clothed body 40 miles away, just outside Pocomoke, in a field near a canning factory. Police refuse to speculate on the sequence of events that might have led to her death.

Police suspect that McNamara was last in her car between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. Wednesday night, although they refused to say why they believe that. "Right now we're getting a lot of calls from people who passed on the road that way. None of it at this time has proved to be of any value," Hornung said.

Results of an autopsy in Balitmore continue to be examined. Evidence from the car and the site where the body was discovered also is being analyzed at the state forensic laboratory in Pikesville.

"Fingerprints are being examined," Hornung said. "Most likely, all of them were hers."

Medical examiners reported that McNamara appeared to die without a struggle and was not sexually abused. Only a shoe and her purse were missing. Her car keys were found on the ground six feet behind her 1976 Pinto, which was parked on the eastbound shoulder.

Investigators hope to make a search of McNamara's Arlington apartment on Monday, police said.

McNamara had told friends at Children's Hospital that she planned to drive to Ocean City after work Wsednesday evening to meet John O'Connell, 34, a operating room heartpump technician and former Children's Hospital employe, whom friends said McNamara had been dating for about two months.

O'Connel told police that McNamara never made it to Ocean City. He reported her missing, police said, after discovering McNamara's car empty around 6:45 a.m. Thursday while driving to work at Peninsula General Hospital in Salisbury.