Surf's up!

Inquiries to the law office of Virginia State Sen. Edward M. Holland have been directed to his Arlington home where the 41-year-old Democrat spent last week resting by a backyard wading pool with his children, nursing a broken shoulder and some painful memories of a disastrous weekend at the beach.

The wading pool was as close to the water as he wanted to get, Holland explained, having been forced to cut short a Virginia Beach vacation after clipping his wing while body surfing.

Seems Holland was struck June 30 with an irresistible impulse to throw caution and torso into the churning Atlantic. With three of his pre-teen sons watching from shore, Dad sprinted into a surf kicked up by tropical storm Bret to offer a fatherly lesson in aquatic form.

"The first wave was great," Holland said. "But I should have quit while I was ahead."

Encouraged by memories of an adventuresome youth, Holland sidled into a second breaker, which lifted the legislator high, and slam-dunked him in the sand.

Unimpressed, his offspring paused, then asked: "Does this mean we can't go surfing any more, Daddy?"

"The kids were upset because they would have to come home early and wouldn't get to go on the water slide," said wife JoAnn. "I think Ed thought he was 21 instead of 41. Next time, we'll act our age."