The council Monday voiced opposition to closing the Takoma Park Junior High School, claiming the action would affect the city's rejuvenation and destroy its racial balance.

"The superintendent of schools, his staff, and the Board of Education should realize that to close an intergrated school in an integrated city is itself an act of institutional racism," said Council Member Jennifer L. Saloma. "Younger couples move here precisely to raise families and educate their children in Takoma Park schools. Any school closure, therefore, reduces the desirability of Takoma Park as a site for the child-bearing sector of the population."

Mayor Sam A. Abbott added that since Takoma Park residents pay approximately 50 percent more in property taxes than persons living outside Montgomery County's towns, its schools should not be touched.

The county plans to close more than 30 schools in the next five years.

In other action, the council decided to ask Takoma Park's representatives in the state legislature to introduce a bill that would place the city entirely under Montgomery County jurisdiction. The city is presently split between Montgomery and Prince George's counties.

Abbott said that the city's two-county status has led to financial hardship and confusion in services.