The Market Basket, a sampling of retail grocery items in Northern Virginia, declined 2.3 percent in July from June's total, according to the Virginia Department of Labor of Industry.

The Market Basket is a sample of 71 items. In Northern Virginia, prices dropped on 23 items, prices increased on 41, six were unchanged and one item was not available.

The only significant price increase among meat items was chicken fryers, up 15.9 cents a pound.

Meat items showing lower prices included bacon (on special), down 18.9 cents a pound; rib roast, down 13 cents a pound; frozen perch, down 12.5 cents a pound; and frankfurters, down 7.4 cents a pound.

Among fresh fruits and vegetables, oranges were up 30.1 cents a dozen.

Price decreases at the fruit and vegetable counter included white potatoes (on sale), down 50.8 cents for ten pounds; green beans, down 14.7 cents a pound; cabbage, down 5.5 cents a pound; and cleery, down 5.3 cents a bunch.

Other price drops included cola drinks (on sale), down 28.8 cents for eight 16-ounce bottles; sugar, down 20.6 cents for a five-pound bag; butter, down 19 cents a pound; tea, down 8.9 cents for 48 bags; frozen lemonade, down 7 cents for a 6 ounce can; margarine, down 6.8 cents a pound; and salad dressing, down 5.6 cents a pint.