The State Department said yesterday it will not object to the office the Libyan government established in McLean -- 2 1/2 months after the department ordered the African country's diplomatic mission out of Washington.

"There can be no question of this office performing diplomatic functions and we have no indication it is doing so." department spokesman Dean Fischer said.

The Libyan government's attorney, Richard C. Shadyac, said he helped to establish the office so that country could continue to care for the 4,0000 Libyan students who are in the United States. Shadyac had said the office would carry out no diplomatic functions, and was angered that the department had appeared on Wednesday to question the office's function.

The McLean office, which occupies all 12,000 square feet of a three-story building not far from the Fairfax County Community's post office, is staffed by a group called The People's Committee for Students of Libyan and Arab Jamahariya Inc., a nonprofit Virginia corporation that Shadyac said he organized.

The U.S. government closed down the Libyan mission in Washington this spring because of what it called "Libyan provocations and misconduct, including support for international terrorism."