Fairfax County police shot and killed a murder suspect last night in the parking lot of a Moose Lodge in Franconia.

William B. Gates, a 39-year-old Fredericksburg, Va., man who police said they had been seeking in connection with a slaving earlier last night in Colonial Beach, was surprised by Fairfax County officers as he left the lodge where his wife of two weeks worked as a bartender.

"Gates came out of a side entrance saw the police and made his move," said a Fairfax police spokesman, adding that Gates had a .44 magnum revolver tucked under his belt. "He drew, and that's when one or more shots were fired" by police, the spokesman said.

A resident of the neighborhood just south of Alexandria where the lodge is located, said he heard a shout of "freeze!" followed by what sounded like three gun blasts.

The earlier shooting incident occurred at 7 p.m. on Reno Island in the Potomac near Colonial Beach. Police said early today they still had no details of that slaying. The Fairfax police spokesman said Colonial Beach police had called them to say Gates might be heading to the Lodge where his wife, Margaret West, works.

"He was already in here when the Colonial Beach police called his wife behind the bar and it started from there," said a customer at the lodge, located at 7701 Beulah St. "When the call came, he thought he better leave."