In the three months since he pleaded guilty to kidnaping and attempting to have sex with an 8-year-old boy, Terry M. Evans, 31, who faced life in prison, lived in a D.C. work-release facility awaiting sentencing.

Twice that sentencing had been postponed. Early Monday, as the third sentencing date, set for Friday, drew near, Evans returned to the halfway house from a weekend furlough to find the same policeman who had first arrested him waiting to arrest him again.

The charges were armed robbery and sodomy -- this time of a 10-year-old boy who was attacked last weekend. Both youths are residents of the same Southeast Washington neighborhood.

The second incident has angered residents in the Garfield-Douglas area of Southeast Washington near Suitland Parkway where both boys were attacked. The citizens have been calling the office of their D.C. City Council member, Wilhelmina Rolark, protesting that Evans had been allowed to be free in their neighborhood.

"I know the jails are overcrowded but there are certain people that shouldn't be let out," said an aunt of the first boy who also knows the second boy.

Rolark agrees. "This is an area of poor people with a lot of children," she said, "and it's not sensible to leave this man free."

Yesterday, Evans, of 1843 Stanton Terrace SE, was being held without bond after his arrest at the halfway house at 1010 North Capitol St.

Evans was ordered to the halfway house by D.C. Superior Court Judge Joseph M.F. Ryan Jr. after he pleaded guilty last May to armed kidnaping and attempting sexual acts in July 1980 with the 8-year-old boy, according to court records.

Those records indicate that Evans was to have been sentenced on June 30 for those offenses, but that date was postponed twice, once at the request of Evans' lawyer and with the consent of the prosecutors. A sentencing date had been set for July 31, but that was postponed at the request of the Probation Department, apparently because its report to the judge had not been completed, two sources familiar with the case said.

In the incident last year to which he pleaded guilty, Evans approached a group of children and offered them money to "dig some dirt" for him, one law enforcement official said. Then Evans carried the 8-year-old to the woods about 200 yards away, the official said.

Once in the woods, however, the boy escaped, and a short time later police summoned by neighbors arrested Evans on the scene.

In the incident Saturday, a man approached the 10-year-old as the boy was on his way to a nearby store to buy something for his mother, police said. The man held a gun to the boy's head, robbed him of 40 cents, and then led him to an abandoned house on the 2100 block of 23rd Street SE where he forced him to submit to sodomy.

After the man left, warning the boy not to say anything, the boy fled the house crying and was found on the street by a neighbor who took him home.